The origin of the name ‘Nors’ I got from a play on my friend’s name or nickname, my real name was ‘Roni’ then I changed the name back to ‘iNOR’ I changed it to NOR+S, I took the letter ‘S’ from the word ‘ S’treetart, and the perfect name was created, namely ‘NORS’, hopefully with that nickname I can continue to spread my wings in the world of street art, especially Graffiti.

‘NORS’ I come from the city of BOGOR country (INDONESIA), SINCE 2015 The first time I created my nickname, at that time I started to seriously study & diligently practice making graffiti consistently in order to get my own style, graffiti for me is relaxation, I can express existing ideas. I have, by pouring it onto various media, especially walls, Graffiti gives me positive energy to this day.

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