Lets start this off with a shout out to my LORDS CREW and ALB FAMILY! 


I started writing in 2005/06 and came up with NUETRON in 2007 and this is when my life was “RUINED” hahaha. I was born in the YAY AREA, CA but was introduced to writing in Modesto and because of that it became my stomping grounds. As a Writer I found it hard to claim one spot, so I normally just rep Northern California as a whole.

  I have many influences when it comes to what to do and what not to do, I’m an observer of my surroundings and community. I was never big on social media and when I began writing, I learned from my peers. Again BIG SHOUT OUT to EVERYONE I KNOW, I remember my first time using NY fats on a Ultra Flat Black Krylon, Rusto Fats on a Dollar Can Silver from Color Place. These caps mad me fall in love with SPRAYING PAINT. Currently, I have been stuck on NAKADAPTS, being that they work wonders on Rustoleum Paint. 

    Lately my style has been more legible but I still consider it the modern day “WILD STYLE”. It’s tough to describe but my best way would be also calling it a “Doing What I Feel” style, because I almost never have a sketch or scheme. Usually its all freestyle painting and “Doing What I Feel” at the time. You have to find the balance of doing whatever you want with some solid structure and that’s what makes everyone so different. If you mimic others without your own structures of balance, then you have no style. It’s just a whole bunch of lines and dots and angles and ideas coming to reality. Have fun with all your painting and peace:)

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