I write NUSH. TWB、8+9、QTR, based in Taipei, Taiwan OIT, since 2015. I‘m doing graff not as long as other writers, so sometimes I write NUshit. I mainly paint throw-up “nu”, I love it as much as my own child. I usually paint with Aebl in Taiwan, we hit many spots and help each other. As for my style, I don’t like to use words to define it, but I can say that I enjoy a simple yet violent visual aesthetic. I admire the styles of many other writers, such as Udon, Pemdas UCIT Mine, Mesnger, Chek, Opski TWB, Zombra, Same, Noe, Howa 246, Capah BTM, Chaze GT, Staze, Seone C4, Etc. However, what I appreciate even more than their painting style is their approach to work and their lifestyle. These writers are my favorites: Udon UCIT, Mine TWB, Aebl 8+9, Tom, Noe, Same246, Pushu, Rogue, Stango QTR. Some people do good graff, but their personalities are shit, they take a shortcut and cheat, I keep my distance from them and stay true to myself and my number.

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