Big thanks to Bombing Science for reaching out and giving me an opportunity to share some photos and a little bit about my self. I write NYMS and I have been a member of A.C.K since 2011. Raised in Toronto (Canada). I was introduced to graffiti in 2005 however, I did not pick up my first can of paint until 2006. I was piecing and tagging here and there, but I didn’t really start painting anything I was personally happy with until 2011-2012. Even today, I’m always hunting for new letter structures, concepts, flows, schemes and but of course, spots. 

My style can change depending on the circumstance, but it is super structured and hard form, while expressing a lot of color if given the ammunition. With that said though, I’m a big fan of chrome, gold, tagging, and appreciating when someone has got their name everywhere. Characters are always great and I’d like to paint more of them in the future but still maintain true to funky letters and trying to get more up.

I’m a big fan of “Style Wars” and I get inspiration from looking at godfathers like Blade, Seen, Dondi, Skeme, Dez and lots of other New York OG’s. Local inspiration included burners from cats like: Bacon, Rons, Kwest, Sight, Kane, ArtChild, Skam, Hemps and a bunch of other writers I would call true aerosol technicians. When HSA was together, they would do these insane crew productions that were very schematic, well executed and always had a great theme sewn in.

Big shout out to A.C.K. and cheers to anyone reading this, all the best!

– Nyms 

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Instagram: @Dat_dude_stu