I’m a graffiti writer based in Torino, Italy.
Graffiti is a part of my life for almost 20 years now, improvement for me is the key that has always pushed me to continue.

When I started there were not internet and fanzines were hard to find, so the local scene and travels were the only one opportunity to see other graffiti and get inspiration, I loved that.
In the years everything has moved to internet, but I started to publish my stuff only recently.
I like the stuff of many people, here some of my favorites: Geser, Jurne, Kems, Mecro, Revok, Rime, Stare.

I think that sketching is the most important thing, but I’m lazy and I sketch only by pen.
I never used the same sketch twice, and if I have not a new sketch I like I prefere to paint in freestyle.

I love lettering, balance, colors and technique: these are the aspects I’m focused on in each piece I do.
A piece should work even if done only with 3 colors in 15 minutes… if you have 20 colors and 5 hours so much better the better!
If you remove the effects, the colors, the 3Ds, the shadows and the background you will see the essence of what you paint.

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