Obad – O2G – TC – FPC – WAVERS

I took my first can to tag in 2001 but I really started writing around 2006. I come from the East Suburb of Bordeaux, South West of France. I lived a little bit in Montreal and some time in Paris.

My style is between wildstyle and vandal simple letters, inspired by tags, throw-ups, and block letters.

Graffiti is for me the best way to travel and meet good peoples from underground culture.

I like to walk in the streets of cities and put some tags and throw-ups along my way, night and daytime.

But I love colors too. Taking time with some real friends, and meditate about the style and composition of letters and colors.

So my style is just a mix of these two sides of graffiti, like my references in the game: MODE2 – BANDO – REVOK – DOES – STARE – JURNE – OSGEMEOS – ETAMcru – TILT – OCLOCK – 123KLAN – TPK – MOA…

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