My name out here en las calles is OCLOCS and I rep my crews TWO, IGM, and HEM.
I’m from the streets of Mexicali Baja California Mexico.
My first encounter with graffiti? – I remember it well year 2003 visiting my Primos house in the same city. At that time we were still chavalitos but I remember getting there and after talking for a while they mentioned that a few blocks down there was this crazy event that happened, and at this event people we’re painting the walls with spray paint that really left me intrigued
So we took off and went to get in there it was something amazing so much color so many letters are these different characters it was Arte. It was just a world full of colors and that was the moment I knew Sabia then I want to be part of that world do what they did, me enamoré.
I don’t know in at the moment but just looking back at it this was the first time that in Mexico mi país, The first meeting of style was celebrated and in my hometown Mexicali
When did I start painting? – Well after first finding out what graffiti was around four years past for me to really try and get down with it, I was around 15 remember just making sketches all day in high school ha ha, I will go out and leave a few tags here in there go out with the homey‘s from the barrio, and just little by little I kept Filing into this world of graffiti
Who is my main influence? – Honestly I just want to get inspired by what I would see in the streets it was small because of the scene that would go around in Mexicali , after a while of me painting a wave of magazines came in that’s when I realized how big the scene was around the world how graffiti was around the world. The people that really motivated me to grow as an artist and look for better quality, was CAN2 , I have always been a big admirer of his work also, TOTEM2 what is the main influence in like many of us in this game and a lot of the crew MSK .
How do I define my style? – My wild style has always been a constant change in the years pass I try to implement different techniques from different styles to one day actually reach my goal and have a definite style . I don’t like saying that my letters have a definite style structure cuz I have a lot to work on but if I would need one word to describe It I would ¡EVOLUTION!
What do I like about graffiti? – Well I like the most besides enjoying the process of a badass piece, is all the ambiance The surroundings of this culture hanging with other artists, meeting new ones and just the stories of other people’s other experiences.
Where do I want to get with my graffiti?- I would like to go around the world just tagging leaving my art all over participating in festivals internationally known and be recognized.
Well with nothing else to add I just want to say thank you for this opportunity viva Mexico y el graffiti

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