Hi, I write Oneback, Aseboys. I’ve been writing for a few years in a small city in the north of Italy, with a really classic culture of graffiti and hip hop in general.

I started writing seeing one of the local crews doing a big wall near my house, after a month I’ve tried to do my first piece and felt in love with graffiti.

My style is a mix of influences, basically is inspired from 2000’s european wildstyles but at the moment I’m trying to keep it more readable losing thin loops and adding more colour effects.

Slowly I’m trying to leave all the basics and classics thing I have learned before for I try to get into a more personal thing. I always try to change my style and my way to see letters, every person I meet gives me something to help me to grow up and to get better.

Internet and social networks were also important to discover how high is the worldwide level of graffiti but honestly I

try not to give them too much importance, trying to keep focused on my things.


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