I write Opek and my first touch with graffiti was in 1997, but I really started writing my name, out there, a year later.

I’m from Athens / Greece. Been to Berlin and Barcelona in the past and I hope to visit NYC, PARIS and more in the future.

I don’t like the use of the verb admire that much…I like to use respect instead. I respect the real ones, I respect those that know the History of graff and I respect those who fame follows them and not them who are following fame.

My style? Well…bombing it is what it is..but when It comes to a piece on a wall my style is a little bit oldschool I guess. I always try to improve my letter connections and I mostly use standar caps and NY fat caps for a more vintage looks and also because I just love to paint with standard caps. Once you go standard you never go back.

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