I’m Orbita. I was born and raised in Madrid, but currently based in Taipei. I was introduced to the world of graffiti in the late 90s. I later found my voice and started taking it more seriously in the 2000s. Since then, I changed my tag a few times, but later started writing “orbita”, a tag I inherited from my older brother when he gave up the game. I’ve been travelling and living in different places around the world, and I think the tag “orbita” stuck because it describes the kind of life I live. Always in orbit, moving around the world in my own way.

Growing up, I admired writers up in the Madrid graffiti scene at the time. They are the ones that helped ignite the passion I have for graffiti today, to name a few off the top of my head, Buni, Guos, Thow, Mets, and Chusky. Although, after travelling the world, I’ve seen and met so many writers I respect and admire who I draw inspiration from as well.

I wouldn’t say I stick to any particular style, I just make sure that I feel my work holds the essence of graffiti. Just like in life, I believe graffiti is about freedom, evolution, and change.

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