Hey, what’s up This OvieOne The Truth. I was born in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, but at the age of three my parents decided to move to the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx in the mid-80s where later on growing up to my young teenage days, and a little before I would see writers like Tracy168, Kid Crazy aka Kaze2 , Alroc, Tez3, Host AK and Crime2. After watching all these Writers from my neighborhood, I would eventually incorporate to be a bomber later on once I became a teenager and started my craft in 1992. Once i establish myself as a all city bomber I would later on into my early 19s to early 20s mid 90s get into peaces and learning how to do burners. At this point, and stage I would have to credit Flite TDS and Kerz UW for being the two main mentors of my style when I came to doing pieces transitioning from a Bomber in the early stage of my career. Later on to my presence of my career Serve FBA and PerOne FX played a major part to developing my style and being my mentors showing me techniques and outlets to make my style more efficient and enhanced. So when it comes to style these four major mentors shows a
Reflection on my style basically having a New York style With that being said, just wanna honor my brother and true Legend Per One. FX. Rest In Paradise??Also Kez5 ,YKK, Tue BMF, Diva VIC and others that are no longer with us . shout out to all My TNG Brothers and my all my UAC people’s from Chicago. Can’t forget my ride and die brothers Louie167 HR and Serg. last and lease thank you Bombing Science for the interview and the opportunity I’m very very honored.

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