Hey, I’m Pablo and I’ve been doing graffiti almost 8 years, since 2016.

As for background, I’m from Saint Paul, Minnesota. And, I would definitely say I was influenced by the local/midwest scene here. Crews like UC, BWF, FST, TCI, and HM were/are a huge inspirations for me. Later on, I would look into older crews and writers—seeing if I could figure out who had influenced who. AKB, AWR, NK, KYT, CTW, and 7MK, are some personal favs.

Aside from graffiti, I have always been into comics, movies, sci-fi books, sneakers, jerseys, custom teams in video games, sign painting, pinup girls, tattoos…shit like that. I actually started practicing sign painting a few years ago. Which has taught me a ton about letters and creating an effective visual message. Calligraphy is rad too— I can’t recommend them enough.

Lastly, shout out to Bambu and Short—my original paint partners. And a big shout to Pets FST, Knew186 and Caves TCI. They schooled me on history, fundamentals and toning it down when I was young and ambitious.

Trad-graff forever

Pablo FTK

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