BSCI: Please introduce yourself; who are you, where are you from, since when you paint…

Painters: Hello I am Painters; actually I live in Concón in the Valparaíso region of Chile.  
I began to draw graffiti in 2001, but my first graffiti with spray paint was in 2006…
BSCI: Your style is really particular, how would you describe it? Influences?
First it is difficult to say “This is my Style”, because I feel I still have to learn more before I find what exactly I want to represent style-wise.  I often compare my current work to the previous year and it’s very different. It has a consistent stylistic elements, but still very different.
Now, I am experimenting a lot with 3D, geometry and colors. I have a lot of influences, but I think Chile has been the main influence on my work.

BSCI: So Chile influenced you in what way? The country, the artists, the culture?
I have been influenced by the chilean graffiti artists. Chile has a lot of styles, techniques, colors… and plenty of latin culture in general. It has its own identity
BSCI: Are some of those colorful pieces in the street painted illegally?
None, I am very meticulous and i think my work needs a lot of time to be the way I want them to be.

BSCI: Drugs? Part of your art or not?
I do not use drugs, they are not at all a part of what I do.
BSCI: What are you tools? Imported paint? Do you have some local paint brands in Chile that would make the paint collectors go crazy?
Yes, Chile has some local brands of paint, but the quality is lacking. A few years ago it was difficult to paint with good materials, but now pretty much all foreign brands are available in Chile.

BSCI: How was the scene in your city when you started painting and how has it evolved?
It made a lasting impression on me.  The scene was really strong and I could remember, around 2001, I was living in a place in the country side very far away from the city.  Every day I made a trip to the city to see the new graffitis or at least to check my old favorites. It was wonderful. I would return to my house feeling crazy and full of ideas. Just wanting to meet some graffiti artists and one day paint with them …
There has been a tremendous evolution, maybe not in quantity but definitely in quality.

BSCI: What are you hiding in all those drawers and little houses?