I think I first sprayed paint with the intention of creating letters when I was around 12 years old.. didn’t start writing Parmesan until early 2011, was working at a shitty little pizza spot in Portland and thought it would be funny to write. 8 years later it’s still pretty funny. I can?t say I’m really based out of any specific location, I’ve called a lot of places home over the years. Met the Charles around the same time I started scribbling Parmes on things, RIP came a few years after- both are like second families to me. As far as influences they come from all over! Lately, I’ve been drawing heavily from sign painting techniques and aesthetics, but I’m a biter for sure. I soak up everything I can, no shame. Love this path and the people it’s brought me. Wouldn’t change a thing. Except maybe for all the prison time. That was wack.

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