PEAK LD – Midwest based and started writing in 2016. What can I say that everyone else hasn’t already? Graffiti gave me a purpose when I didn’t feel like I had one.

I love the anonymity of graffiti, and that I don’t have to show my face. If you like what I paint it’s not dependent on who I am and what I look like. I love to bomb. I started on highways and was instantly hooked.

 Lately I’ve been seeing people doing a lot of repelling spots and would love to do that someday.

Some of my favorite writers are Purge UC, Elmer LD/REM, Reds 004 They are all extremely well rounded, traveled and versatile which is what I strive for. Shout out to Ruthe MGK for inspiring me from the start and being a dope human. Love my crew. They all have something to bring to the table. Lately, nothing beats the perfect vibe while painting freights solo or with good homies.

RIP Yaksap Ofb/LD/WiL & the others who have passed.

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