I want to start off by saying thank you for the opportunity to be able to use Flame Paint by Molotow. It was my first time ever doing a piece with designer spray paint. I typically try to paint using all free supplies so i viewed this as a perfect chance to try out some high quality paint.
The colors i used were: deep black, melon yellow, pastel orange, telemagenta, sky blue, true blue, riviera, lagoon blue, and aqua light  (all high pressure Flame orange) and one can of kiwi low pressure blue flame paint.
While painting my piece I had it all documented on video. I only used the stock caps that came on the cans which i believe were a widow maker and a low pressure cap off of the flame blue can. I mentioned my video so you can see how well the caps work in it. 

Since this was my first introduction to piecing with designer paint i was pleasantly surprised. I used a primarily blue color scheme and they all covered wonderfully. In my drop shadow i used pastel orange and dusted it with melon yellow. I used the telemagenta for my forcefield and deep black for my lines. I would give all of the colors i used a 10/10 except for the melon yellow. I would give the melon yellow a 7/10 just because the opacity could be better.

I loved how well the caps worked on it especially the black cap. It covers and flares much better than anything you can do with an adapter put on paint you can find at a hardware store. I've been involved with graffiti for a little over 5 years and this is the highest quality paint ive ever used. I would love to test out more of the colors in the future. I had a great time using Flame paint and and I'm intrigued to try out more products by Molotow. Thank you again everyone at Molotow and Bombing Science for this opportunity.