Whats up! I write PERTS. I’m based out of Rochester, New York. I started writing around 2007 when I was 17 years old. My earliest influences came from just seeing graffiti on trains pass by as a kid. I can still remember the day it “clicked” that graffiti was what I wanted to do. In high school, a close friend of mine started painting, which made me want to do it, and 13 years later we still paint together. Shout out to my boy BILE.

My style is definitely more of a traditional graffiti style. For me, letters are the most important thing. If you don’t have good letters, you don’t have good graffiti. I’m a letter artist as well as graffiti, so I always try to bring the heat with my letters.

Off the top of my head, artists that have killer styles are KEM, GESER, MECRO, EAST, EMIT, RAPES (RIP), OIUJA, MAPLE, and I can’t forget some local legends like PEN, ZONE and BONES (RIP) All of them make me want to push harder.

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