I’m Perv 161 or Jinks from Canberra, Australia. I also write a bunch of other names because it keeps things interesting. I’ve been writing since late 82/early 83 and am a first-generation writer in my city. My style is based on classic NYC graf, but there’s a healthy dose of influences from cities I admire (such as London, Sydney, Melbourne and other places).

My crews are from all over the world (MG, TFP, TD4 & BFC from New York, RFK from London, WCA, OSF and DIA from Australia). It was an honour to be asked to join these amazing crews and I grind hard every single day to show love and respect to the absolute legends that are my crewmates and friends. I’m stoked that I’ve had the chance to travel, paint and hang out with my crewmates. It’s not just a social media thing… All my crewmates are not only fantastic writers, they’re all 100% pure quality people.

Much love all day from me…

My fav writers are Billy 167 and PNut 2 from NYC.

Both were absolute light years ahead of the game. There are sooooo many other great writers from the 1970s in NYC I could be here all day listing them. I have a special love for all the 1970s pioneers and am super lucky to have many as my friends and crewmates.

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