I write PEST, P19 crew. I started graffiti around 1987,88 writing pest since 1989, I’m from Paris, France.
My first influences were the books “spaycan art” and “subway art” and then local crews on my B train line like ACT,TZYO,H2L,TDK,ELC… and of course the famous CTK that have a big silver piece on my line wich said SHOE,BANDO,ANGEL…for those who know…
In the early nineties I had the chance to put my hands on some “ON THE RUN” magazines, full of New York styles, and it has been a real influence on my style.
In the mid 90’s all shops were full of graffiti magazines so it gave me opportunity to see what’s happened around the world at that time…
and I can say german style had a big impact on me. I’m not talking about the 3D stuffs …the best example would be crews like SUK,TWS etc etc…. I’m sure you know what i m talking about; real stylers!!!
I come from a very “CLASSIC ” graffiti culture and i’m glad to see nowadays it’s always in evolution, and level goes higher and higher!!! It keeps me on track, even if  motivation is not the same when you’r 45years old…
But I still feel good and don’t think about quite now..ready to burn for 20 years more!!
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