Phere, Canadian writer tagging since about 98’ when I started out as a kid living in central Alberta, over the years I’ve drifted further out west and am currently in Victoria/Vancouver BC. I remember doing my first few tags as a kid and was straight hooked, haven’t looked at a dumpster the same since. While coming up the main writers that influenced me were TRIK for bombing, PESTO was killing it in all aspects of the game, CRUMS with his insane piecing, CAUSR for switching things up constantly, and BERZERKER for being minimal and unique.
My styles could be described as organic and experimental, I get bored of things pretty quickly and like to switch it up every few years. Sketching has never really interested me, I feel like my pieces lose their life force when trying to paint from a sketch. Since my earliest days painting, I’ve been free-styling on walls, constantly pushing my styles, evolving and embracing the natural fluidity of my art. In piecing, I have derived inspiration from aspects of science fiction, occult symbolism, and the psychedelic experience. In more recent years what has been catching my eye in the graff world is more of an Anti-stlye or Post-graffiti approach. Pretty much if you are painting raw, wretched, or unique and minimal styles, doing something different and interesting then I could be into it. Oh and trashy bombing, always down for that.

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