I write Pilfer. I first began writing fairly late, around 03 in Melbourne, Australia after being inspired by friends from school, it quickly took over most of my spare and not spare time. Graffiti stories and backgrounds i find boring and basically mostly the same, so i wont go into too much detail.

Im a big fan of classic New York graffiti, and I dont think it really gets any better (or got any better), so respect to those that came before. My other sources of inspiration I would say, location wise is Scandinavia. I love Danish graffiti and have spent some time there, as well as Swedish. I just think they have a great take on classic style and the scene is also pretty fresh. Big shoutout to all my homies up north 😀 

The thing that keeps graffiti interesting for me and helps develop style is always painting new tags. I suggest everyone try it out if they’re bored or stuck style wise – it offers something new and allows you to develop new ideas! Once you come back to your old name you will have new outlines and ideas or connections you may not have had before. 

There are probably too many writers doing great style today to mention, but of course a big shoutout goes to my buddy @thomaskilroc – the all time style master! – Shoutout to all my friends, and crews and every writer doing whatever it is they do!

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