Good Day, Bombers. Today we’re joined by POET, the succinct and mildly sarcastic graffiti artist out of Queens, NYC.

What’s up, Poet. Welcome to Bombing Science. Straight to it- how did you get into graffiti?

The first time I noticed graffiti I would have to say I was 12. I started seeing tags like IZ, Aero, Leo, Ace, Siko, Drago, Kik, Peak, PG, Pray, OE and I was like “WOW! That’s crazy! How the hell do they do that?”The first time I painted was when I took a can out of my father’s stuff and went down the block to the tracks. It was a wrap from there.

Which train tracks? 

The UGGS! People from Ridgewood/ Glendale [Queens] know!!!!

And you’re not going to define that for us are you?


20150329_124521-2Any other inspirations to begin this form of art?

Art wise- album covers inspired me. Iron Maiden, Metallica, The Doors, Anthrax, etc. I started copying the album covers, I just loved the art work.

If you could have one artist make a canvas for you (besides yourself) who would it be and why?

Good one, I’m not sure though, Iz the Wiz comes to mind first, may he rest easy. I know a lot of very talented people. But I would have to say also Caine One, because was ahead of his time. RIP.

20160802_164401-1-1Amen. Sadly a lot of artists are into drugs or have passed away from them. How did you escape that and why do you think this is an on-going issue?

This is very true. Way too many people have left us to soon. First let me say Rest in Peace, Xist Asp, Pg Veone, Iz The Wiz, Bruz, Dorf, Ur, Dgone, Shine, Alive5, Caine1, Doro, Show, Rec, Sane, Br, Dondi, Joz, Rac7, Pac.

One of those deaths was as recent as the month of October. Completely tragic.

I stopped the whole drug thing after high school. But got heavy into other things. Like stealing cars and things like that. People I was hanging out with were into it so I was too and we made I little bit of money along the way. I really don’t know why some people can’t just say no. But I guess that’s life in the big city [NYC]. It’s really sad though.

If you could bring back one person- who would it be?

Damn. I really don’t know, sorry this one can’t be answered.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be able to answer that either. How about if you could have dinner with one famous person living or dead who and why?

Former Mayor [Ed] Koch so I could slap the shit out of him. That fucker killed it for us [graffiti writers]. And then I’d go and hit the M and J [train] lines

20160925_124558Tell us the difference between, in your opinion, NYC graffiti writers vs. everybody else.

For me it’s style! Our style rocks. You can tell we are from New York. I just love the way our letters flow, I love lettering, period. That’s just my thing. Out-of-towners come here all the time to bomb. To where it all started.

Well actually, some graffiti historians credit the birth of graff to Philadelphia.

Fuck them.

Also, noted. Besides, being “where it all started” why do out-of-towners come here?

Good question, I really don’t know why else. I guess for the props, but you get no props for buying your paint and caps. Oh and what about making your own mop? Oh I’m sorry they buy that too…Don’t get me started. Look graff now-a-days is so watered down it’s not funny. Half of these kids would of been robbed of all their shit back in the day. Brooklyn was real then. Now its full of newbies that call it home..

20160814_115232They’ll be gone as fast as they came. Hipsters. If you could go back in time- two options: the golden era of graff in New York OR your choice… Tell us.

Easy. New York City and the year 1976 when it was at it’s purest form. Oh and you had to use stock caps. Art by the children (us) for children (us).

Oh the humanity! Anything but stock caps! Lol. By the way, I have dibs on the time machine, but you got next.  Tell us your favourite memory (ies) of painting.

I have a few. I have painted with a bunch of very cool people like Snatch Cwk, Criz 156, Enuf, Slash, Ceos, Jerms, Amuze, Mak, Madmax (RIP), Sem (RIP), Large, Merk, Sr, Jrc, Arc, BLone, Bind, KCone, B Ares. Nero, Alive5 (RIP), Rebel NSA, Sonic Bad.  Just to name a few. I been shot at, stabbed, did fill-ins on suckers house because of beef. Shit. They’re all my favourite memories.

20150424_133727-2Good grief man! (By the way, check out Jermson Bombing Science).

Poet, tell us about your art in the ’80s/’90s vs. your art now?

Back in the beginning for me, it wasn’t art; it was just getting up being from the Ridgewood area. Everyone did it. It really was a free-for-all in the ’90s. I did it, but I was into other things like stealing cars like I said before. Other things had more of a rush for me. But I did my thing from time to time. Now I just do it as my hobby.
By “stealing” I’m, sure you meant “borrowing.”


Was worth a shot. How did you family feel about you choosing graffiti as your form of expression?

My mom liked it, but hated it at the same time. Lol.


Can you, um, elaborate a bit?

I guess I can. Lol. She would say things like “at least he’s not doing anything worse.” Little did she know…

I can only imagine. 

Preference regarding bombing vs. permission walls?

Bombing is a rush. Back when it was pure and you had to earn your status by racking your paint and markers. That’s pure graffiti. Permission walls are cool, but I only do a few a year, I never need permission to rock hard…and if you only do walls with permission, well, then you’re doing something wrong. You’re missing the point of graffiti- the thrill and the rush.

So if you only do permission walls then you’re not really respected?

Like I said, you have to earn your status. Some people around are good artists, but they’re too young to have hit trains or walls without permission etc. They missed out, I don’t not respect them, they’re just not really graffiti artists.

20150329_124521-2Got you. At what point did you develop your own style?

Style comes from within. You either have it or don’t. I just do what I like. Some times it works and some times not so much. I just feel that I’m my own worst critic.

Yeah I’ve noticed that many of you are extremely hard on yourself.

Because we know we can always do better. I look at some of my stuff and think it’s garbage, but I loved it when i did it.

How important is style and design as a graffiti writer?

Your style is your life line. The better your style gets, the more props you get from all the graff jockeys and let there be no doubt, there are a hell of a lot out there. Everyone needs to find their own style, Too many people bite and copy these days.And it’s just sad…

The graff jockeys? Do tell.

Jocks, lame-ass people that have nothing better to do then talk shit. I mean, really, it’s time to get off the tip already. They know who they are…

Thanks for that imagery. OK, to clarify, you want your style to be on point, but you don’t want it to be so good that graff jockeys are on your tip? Yes?

No. Lol.


Sigh. What is the last piece you did?

I don’t piece. I kill shit. Lol, shit I can’t remember! We do so many, it’s hard to keep track.

Who’s we?

Me, Amuze, Merk, Topaz, Rise, Jerms etc. We got spots all over.

How do you feel about art shows? You were recently in one in NYC…

They suck. People going just to talk shit. If I had a dime for every graff story, I’d be fucking rich. People need to start opening their wallets, not their mouths. I mean, come on, people! How many times do we all have to hear about you killing the yard back in 1981? Buy something already.

I mean some people price their work at thousands of dollars for a small canvas.

Ah, fuck that. $20-$40. Nobody is buying shit for $1000. Buy something already!

Word. Hey People, Nov. 11- Poet’s next show- bring your money.


In the meantime, what new mediums are you experimenting with? Any new pieces in the works?

None, I quit…Peace to the Cwk, Ftr, 156, Bsk, Wr crews. And all my people who show this nobody love and to those who talk shit online or behind closed doors can eat a dick.

Well, thank you, Poet and you read it here first. POET has quit. We willmiss you, but definitely see you at your next show.


Rebel Know.