What do you write and where you based out of?
POISON-GFR, City of Athens!

How long have you been writing and how did you get into the game ?
Thirteen years , or so. My interest in graffiti goes back to my school days, drawing and doodling my school notebooks. As a teenager I would ride my bike and shoot numerous pictures of pieces, throw-ups, tags, almost everything graff related.
I was constantly on the lookout, it was like graffiti-hunting. Yes, that was pre-internet era, when you actually had to get up and explore, not unlock and scroll.
Over the next few years I used to paint every now and then, nothing fancy just simple straight letters and tags. A “Whoa!” moment was when I got my hands on some quality spray paint. I was able to learn how to use a spray can properly, experiment with different caps and develop some basic skills.

The turning point came in 2005 when I decided to dedicate myself to graffiti.

Time flies, here I’m today.

What keeps you going?

Living in a prosperous city like Athens, where the graff scene is thriving, you can only keep going. You can find graffiti everywhere, it’s surprising how much freedom you’ve got in public space.

Regardless the city my desire for graffiti is the same as it ever was!

How would you best describe your style?
Classic lettering based on simplicity with a modern touch, oh and let’s not forget the bubbles!
In general I try to follow certain principles, such as consistency, rhythm, balance and variation.
Developing a unique, enduring and recognizable style isn’t easy and it definitely won’t happen overnight. The more you paint the better you get-such a cliché but it hides some truth.

On the one hand staying active will ultimately be the thing that moves you closer to a personal style. On the other hand it’s essential to built on the same basis everytime and not get lost in the trends.

I can’t say I paint letters in a way that has never been seen before, that would be straight up bs.

Nevertheless, I try to introduce different elements gradually, giving my pieces the chance to absorb them and become one.

Do you use any particular cap?

I usually have a variety of caps with me just to be sure. Currently, I choose the lego or stock cap for my outlines, NY and pink-dot for my fills.

I mix it up every now and then, a fun way to challenge myself and step out of my routine.

Pros and cons of graffiti?

Pros, graffiti has taught me so many things that I could have never learned otherwise. Most important, graff requires dedication and perseverance, you have to try, try and try again.
As far as the cons, health risks hands down.

Do you have any beginners tips?

There’s no secret formula to graff, patience and persistence will take you a long way. No money can buy it, no school teaches it, it can’t be passed on, you have to pour your soul and heart into it, no shortcuts.

Any final words?

First, thanks for having me Bombing Science, keep up the good work!
Secondly, to all my haters, big thanks for making me the proud and passionate person I’m today!

One love,

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