Poker – I started writing in the late 80s and I was inspired by Norwegian and other Scandinavian writers, some of my favorites include Pay2, Sean, Raide, Duck, also Circle, and Puppet from Sweden and Bates, Rens, etc. I came up with Norwegian writers Juan, hets, Mars, Doe, Vers, Ceng, Cesta, and many more, we were the 2nd generation wave in Norway.

My BBoy Crew Atomic BBoys consists of Pay2, Sean, Karma and me, we were all active writers and traveled to jams all over Europe to break all day and paint all night. From time to time I get a complete obsession with letters, I make hundreds of sketches trying to find those letters in my mind on paper, I can never find them so I keep looking hehe. I used to bomb a lot, travel to paint trains, etc, now my life situation prohibits me from that part of the scene, but I am still addicted to those letters!! =)
I rep Cant Be Stopped @cbscrew and DCA, @dcartists

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