Posea Peices
The names Posea, I’m from Nottingham, England repping ILC, HAM, UFL Don’t Sleep.
My love for Graff started when I was a little kid in the late 80’s. My Older Brother was a huge inspiration from the get go. Back then he used to collect HHC and i would go in his room when he was out and just stare at the Graff pages in the back of that magazine for hours at a time. That was where I first clocked work by Popz who also lived in Nottingham. That guy played a massive part in what I do today. Same goes for the people that I’m in crews with now which is pretty mad. Back then they were mysteries, just names on walls. Everything else was the unknown and there was something kind of magical about that.
I never thought I would know what all of these people would look like years down the line let alone be painting with them.
I’ve played around with Graff on and off over the years but only started painting pieces seriously around 6 years ago. Since then I’ve been going at it hard trying to play catch up.
How I paint depends on how I’m feeling.
I like to mix it up with different letter styles, characters, realism, chuck it all in the pot and hope for the best haha. Just gotta keep it moving ya know. when I get comfortable I know it’s time to change gear again.
A shout out list would get rediculous so I’ll just big up everyone who’s been in the frame on this journey so far. Fam, friends, followers Y’all know who you are.?
Last but not least my little boy. I love you always king.

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