POWDR – I started tagging in 1991/92…. mobbing buses, streets and, freeways. Catching tag is all I did & cared about. In 1997 I started focusing on bombing, piecing, and hitting freight trains.

I’m from Southern Cali….home of the khakis….. L.A. all day!!!!!!

I admire many writers but my all-time favorites are my friends. I’m influenced by the original “dirty style”….the signature style of LTS / KOG that was originally created by some of the crews founding members.

Letter structure & style is something I take pride in. Some writers do the same piece repeatedly like it’s a throw-up…
doing the same piece/bomb over & over with different color schemes is boring. I never do the same piece twice although there are similarities each burner I do is different from the last one. POWDR is an alter ego with multiple personas experimenting with several names related to POWDR. Not always painting the same letters keeps it interesting as well as maintaining a solid letter structure.
My style is organic and grimy its evolving progression is significant to staying relevant.

Keep it moving!


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