My name is Prins One, and I come from Odense, Denmark. In 1987, I stepped into the graffiti world, captivated by the entire hip-hop movement. Before I became a graffiti artist, I was an MC and a breakdancer. Eventually, my drawing skills took center stage, and I decided to focus exclusively on sketching and writing.

I’ve been part of several crews: OSP (OverseasPainterz) BIB (Bigger Iz Better) DT (Dansktoppen) Initially, I admired Danish and Swedish graffiti styles. But then, something magical happened. I discovered the New York Wildstyle, attributed to the legendary Tracy183 (may he rest in peace). That intricate, dynamic style became my muse, and I’ve been chasing its energy ever since.

My heroes span continents. Overseas, I look up to graffiti legends like Skeme Tmt, Tkid, Seen Ua, Wen, Wips, Bio, Nicer, Ces, and Per (may he rest in peace). But it’s not just about global icons; some legendary Danish writers have also captured my attention. People I’m proud to call friends include Globe, Rens, Carn, Sabe, and Romance. My style defies easy categorization—it’s a fusion of semi-wildstyle and my own creation, affectionately known as “Prinsism.” The kicker? I never use sketches. When I hit the walls, it’s all freestyle. That spontaneity means my letters and characters look different every time. The thrill of unpredictability keeps me going. On a good day, when everything clicks, I know I’ve truly “burned that wall.” One of my homeboys describes my style as easily identifiable, with letters that interlock and
stand in battle formation, ready to take a sucker out.

The social side is crucial. Graffiti artists form a global family. Whether I’m in another
city or country, I can connect with fellow enthusiasts. Within minutes, we’re chatting
like old friends because we share the same love for this expressive art form. To everyone who appreciates my art and letterings, thank you. Your support means the world. Keep the love alive, and let’s keep painting those walls! And remember: Art knows no boundaries.

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