Made in Canada, with love, the Block By Block mop is a no bullshit mop that gives you exactly what you need. The bottle resembles the do em dirty mops for those who are familiar, but the ink inside is not the same. These guys have their own brew which stands up there with the industry leaders. The stuff is hard to buff, UV proof (though some colours last better than others) and give hella dirty drips that run down all the way to the floor if you wish to go there. The bottle is a bit stiff and might require a good solid squeeze if you don’t want to have streaks. By far, the black is my favourite from the inks available. The mop is not mohair but it’s not going to bust on you on the first tag.


Though it writes on anything, you have to still be careful not to wreck the nib. If you throw a mohair tip on it, it lasts longer but the paint does not drip with as much ease. The stock nib is pretty large, somewhere between 10mm and 25mm. The bottle fits in the pocket unless you’re wearing extra tight jeans. Much respect to the boys from the Six for this dope mop!

img_1240I’m stoked that the guys from Block By Block made their own version of the shoe polish mop. My first tags back in the 90’s were with shoe polish I stole from my parents, and then some really cheap shoe polish I lifted from the dollar store. That stuff was garbage. The white was like milk, lol. It’s nice to have that good old shoe polish flow with some decent ink in it which is exactly what this is. Classic 4oz bottle, with the classic sponge nib and some hardbody, extra dirty ink. If you know shoe polish, you know that the nib can go really fast and this is also the case in this mop. It’s really not meant for rough surfaces, more for glass, smooth doors and plastic. This silver one is definitely a banger and it’s cool of them to include an extra nib with that colour. The black one is also a monster as you would expect with the block by block ink, it’s always dirty in the best of ways. Drips galore, nice thick runny lines gliding on glass, very few things beat that feeling and this mop quenches the thirst with satisfaction. If you manage to save the nib after the first run, they’ve got 4oz and 8oz refill bottles with more silver and black and I think some other colours which I have not yet tried.


At the end of the day, most of these mops are the same. It’s more about the ink you like most. So if you like Block By Block, this is the mop for you. Support Canadian businesses at the same time. Cheers!

Review by Stan