The Bombing Science blackbook is chill. It’s not a heavy duty, top quality, high end paper book you get from a fancy art store for $69. This is the type of book you have laying around for random doodles and practice.

The type of book you have on the table for all the homies to hit when they come over. The thing is, the paper is not super thick and paint markers do tend to gum up if too much wet paint is applied in a concentrated area. It’s best suited for alcohol based type markers like twin markers or Sharpies. It’s also very good for pencil work. I have not tried any water color on them but I would imagine it’s not the best paper for that type of wet ink. Otherwise, the books are pretty well built but again, you get what you pay for. There is nothing fancy here, just a nice solid book for your every day sketching. The cover is actually pretty fresh and feels good in the hand. You get two books for $13, at this rate you can have a stack of them at the crib to use as fancy lose leaf. Much respect for making a cheap book everyone can afford and much love for having two sizes.

Molotow know what’s up when it comes to making some of the world’s finest markers available so it’s only right they have quality blackbooks and marker pads to match. Let me start with the blackbooks; when you grab the books, you know they are quality. Embossed logo is a nice touch. Very subtle, as you would expect from Molotow. I think they have three different sizes but the one I use is the biggest one, it’s about 21cm X 30cm. I prefer the portrait version because it’s what I grew up using but it’s nice to know they offer both portrait and landscape versions. The paper is really good quality and won’t gunk up on you when using the one4all markers, or any other type of paint markers. But like any sketchbook, you still have to be a little carefully not to bundle up the paper or it will eventually get damaged. Over all, it’s a high quality book with really nice paper. With 120 pages you get more than enough space in one book.

The marker pads have the same high quality heavy paper as the blackbooks but are a lot thinner and don’t have a hard cover. These are ideal for traveling or just having around as a secondary pad to fuck around in. It takes on paint markers, pretty much any type of makers without problems and over all, the paper is very enjoyable to write on. You can tell the difference between cheaper paper and the paper in these pads. I especially like using the pads for the Aqua Grafx because of the way the ink sits on the paper. I highly recommend these maker pads.

Review by Stan