When it comes to squeeze mops and ultra permanent ink, it’s safe to say that Grog would be somewhere on the top of the list. They have been providing compelling tagging tools for years and have been improving them greatly along the way. One of the cool things about grog squeezers is that they always give you three size choices: 5mm, 10mm or the big boy 25mm.I particularly like the 5mm squeeze mob because it allows you to do styled hands in areas normal mops don’t which is fun and a huge plus.


Back in the day, I remember people always saying “I wish they made a skinny tipped mop” so when the 05 hit the market, many writers got real tag happy. The 5mm mop has a flowtex round nib which can produce some major squirts but can also be a little sensitive when it comes to rough areas. I strongly recommend being careful when using the 05 when hitting surfaces that might rip your tip and have all that precious ink spill out on your new sneakers.


The 10mm BPI squeezer is the go-to classic mop that can still allow for some pretty stealthy tags but also gives a thick enough line that you would spot from quite a distance. It comes with one of these badass strong hair nibs that lets you throw hands on most surfaces. It won’t work on rough bricks or concrete but a dirty old door or garbage container can definitely get it without hesitation. This is a major key in the success of this marker because the tip won’t let you down on the first few tags. Also, controlling the ink flow with this mop is very easy but depending on the surface and the condition of your tip, you might have to give it a little more or a lot less squeeze than normal. Overall, the ink flows out nicely, the lines come out nice and opaque and the drips on this thing can be savage. Comes in seven colours but the black is definitely the go-to for most writers, including myself. To see it in action click here


Grog calls it “the king of ink markers” and I must say, though it’s a big claim, it’s not too far off. When it comes to maximum damage with hardcore permanent ink that will beautifully drip all the way down to your feet, the sexy 25mm BPI squeeze mop is thee weapon of choice. Just holding it in your hand makes you slightly giggle because you already anticipating the carnage that will soon ensue. The strong hair nib goes a long way allowing you to bust real fat, juicy tags on virtually any surface within reason. The control on this beast is surprisingly very good considering how big it is, it’s easy to get carried away. But with a few tags you will quickly realize that not every tag has to be a drippy mess. You can also do some slick, solid fat hands without it overflowing and giving you just one big blob of drippy ink as a result.


The real star in this whole lineup is the infamous Buff Proof Ink; the high pigment monster which have ruined plenty of jackets, jeans and kicks along the way. It will not only destroy properly, it will destroy your wardrobe too. All jokes aside, this ink is infamous for a reason and the name does hold its ground, especially if the surface on which it was applied was porous. Good luck getting that out! You can often tell when it was hit with Buff Proof ink because after they had tried buffing it, you will still see the stain, forever soaked in to the surface.

Review by Stan