They say the best marker is the one that you have in your pocket. With this being said, the Cutter 08 XFP is bound to be with you more times than not due to its compact size. Sure there are tons of chisel tip markers out there but the Cutter line from Grog delivers that extra touch most of them lack.


The 8mm chisel tip soaks fast and delivers very opaque lines without much streaking, even on dirty surfaces. However, if the surface is really dirty, a few extra pumps may be required. Overall, this thing is a little beast and will fit in your jean pockets without being a nuisance. One of my favourite things to do with is to crush the tip half way through which pretty much turns this marker in to a mini pump mop. Enjoy!


For those who are nostalgic for an update version of something we use to bomb with back in the early 2000’s, the Cutter 15 XFP from Grog is right on the money. The moment I put it in my hand, I got flashbacks of taking the last subway around the line and putting in some major work on the insides back in 2002-2003. It just has that classic marker feel and the flow of coming out of that 15mm nib is outstanding. You can get some real juicy tags out of this marker and the Xtra Flow Paint colours always come out nice and poppy. The fat chisel tip is razor sharp but I personally like it looking dirtier so I crush the nib which gives this marker a whole new feel. To see it in action click here


If going big is your motto, the Cutter 30 XFP was made for you. Yes, it’s a 30mm nib which is pretty massive but to be fully honest, the marker can still fit in most jean pockets, and definitely fits in any jacket pocket. When you have one of these suckers on your person, it’s only a matter of time before action ensues and you might just end up with a bunch of little dirty drips on your new crewneck because this thing juices and juices hard if you over pump it. Not that it’s a problem, just gotta be careful with the super fast hand movements once this thing is pumped and soaking. Truly a pure pleasure to use and the best part about it is that it’s refillable.


The true MVP in the Cutter lineup is the Xtra Flow Paint that comes in it. They got 16 colours to choose from and I would say the great majority of them are bangers. You can tell these are high pigments with the ink coming out very smooth and solid. The tags shine with a slight gloss and the ink is good for pretty much any tip so you can use the XFP refills in mops or other empty markers. Grog did a good job revamping this whole line and I’m looking forward to see what more they will be bringing to the table in the near future.

Review by Stan