If paint mops are your jam and you like to carry something that can easily fit in your jean pockets, the squeezer 05 FMP from Grog is a must have item. First off all, you can’t go wrong with the high opacity of the Full Metal Paint that comes in these markers. Second of all, the little 5mm FLOWTEX round tip is small enough to do tiny tags in cramped spots but it also allows a big enough line to do regular hand styles. The paint comes out smooth and solid, the drips are nice and easy to control. Thing is, the marker is so small, it only allows a limited number of tags, especially if you go ham with the drips so you might want to opt for the regular size 05 FMP squeezer. It hold has all the same features but carries more ink which we all know is more fun. To see it in action check out this video

If you’re looking to upgrade from the 05 FMP to something slightly bigger, you have the Squeezer 10 FMP and Squeezer 10 FMP mini. Though the mini is a lot of fun to handle and really does fit in to the front pocket of even the tightest jeans, the regular size marker is not that big to begin with. Either way, it’s not the size but the action that matters with this squeeze mob and it gives plenty of action. Best suited for smooth surfaces because of the cotton style nib but once you hit a clean door with this, it’s hard to go to anything else because of the control/output and colors of the FMP paint are very well balanced. If I had to choose only one marker from the FMP line, this would definitely be the one.

For a long time, we wished for a pocket sized fat mop and the graff gods have heard our prayers and delivered the Grog Squeezer 20 FMP mini. It boasts a 20mm nib on a snub nose version of a mop bottle, which can do a lot of damage in very little time. The drip action from these little hand grenades is phenomenal. With this marker you get a lot of punch in a small package, you best believe that.

When it comes to big fat mops, Grog has always been killing it. With the Squeezer 25 FMP mop in hand, one can feel almost unstoppable. Once you take that cap off on a fresh new marker, and give it those initial pumps to get the juices going, it’s almost erotic. Then you bust off a big juicy one on a window and its love. You are addicted; you will want to hit it over and over, just like a prime piece of ass. Really though, the feeling of going in on some massive hands on a smooth surface with a 25mm mop that holds some super thick premium paint is hard to beat. Grog makes this experience even more enjoyable when giving you tools like the Squeezer 25.

Once you’ve emptied your mops, Grog got you covered with the FMP refills which come in a 200ml bottle that can go pretty fast if you tag a lot. It’s everything you would want in a good paint which is for it to be fade proof and be very opaque. The Full Metal Paint delivers just that and it does it in nineteen different colors. Pick your fav or mix them up to make your own, whatever works.


Review by Stan