If you are looking for a decent paint marker that won’t break your wallet, the Ironlak Pump Action offers a nice line of tools that will suit most people.

The 3mm Pump Action is their smallest nib which lets you go in on some details or outlines with ease. The water based paint is good for most uses but will perform better on smooth surfaces. Ideal for customizing shoes, decorating objects and obviously very good for black book purposes. The marker comes in something like twenty different colors and you can also refill the marker once it’s empty. You get a lot for a little with the Ironlak 3mm pump action marker.

I really like the Ironlak 7mm Pump Action marker because it lets me do 90% of what I need with just one marker. Its big enough to fill but small enough to outline and do pretty small details if needed. It’s not going to let you do lines as thin as hair but if you have a bit of skill, you can pull of a some nice clean thin lines with this marker thanks to the chisel tip. The color range is not incredible, but 25 colors is more than enough for most people. These are great for sketching, doing custom work on hats or kicks or doing pieces and throwies on canvas. The paint is opaque and it dries pretty fast. No odor and though it’s permanent, it comes of easy if you stain your clothes. Best part, it’s not hella expensive and can be refilled once empty.

The 15mm Action Pump is the big boy of paint markers from Ironlak. Boasting a huge 15mm nib, you can fill in large canvas with ease. This is not a tagging marker, but if you ever decided to go hit the streets, it will hold its ground. The 15mm nib is a beast and can take a beating. You can also flip the chisel sideways and get a smaller chisel with the front side of the nib. You can pull of some nice calligraphy style tags and long straight lines without a problem. The paint comes out smooth and thick. Just got to make sure you shake the hell out of it before you start using it. I would say even up to two three minutes because the pigments settle and need to be stirred up in order to homogenize and give you the full color potential. They come in 20+ colors and like all the other Action Pump markers from Ironlak, it’s refillable. To see it in action check out this video

If you prefer inks over water based paints, Ironlak has made their Acton Pump markers available with xylene free alcohol dye permanent ink. You can hit books, stickers, posters, walls, plastic, metal, pretty much anything. Very fun marker to use for handstyles and I find the 7mm to be particularly on the money for size for me personally. It’s just right. The lines come out sharp and the ink is heavy duty. If 7mm is not enough, they also have the 15mm version.

Review by Stan