Some things never change and it’s because they were made right the first time around. The Jonobo mop markers are one of those things. Made simple, made strong and made to give you what you want. The marker tip is large enough for 99% of writers out there but the body is nice and skinny which fits well in you jean pocket. The slim design allows you to carry up to three different colors with ease. Now, the mop itself is kind of hard. It’s not one of those super squishy mops with thin plastic. You can definitely squeeze it but it takes a bit of force. Some people really like that as it helps you control the tag better, other will say it’s not soft enough. The nib is quite durable but will still go if you abuse it on rough surfaces. The paint in the Junobo is the real star. Nice and thick, comes out looking like colorful yogurt. Shake well and squeeze hard or you might get some streaks. I guess these are for the strong hand, not the weak hand. I know a few cats who swear by them and I fully understand why, these are on my top 5 fave mops of all time, hands down! To see it in action check out this video

If you are looking for the brightest colors and the thickest paint, Junobo is on the top of the list, as far as refills go. Every color in the pallet is a certified banger and unlike other brands, these last outdoors for a pretty long time before fading away. The paint grips pretty much any surface beautifully and the drips are fantastic. The paint comes out very thick so you can control the drip action relatively well. It’s hard to explain but this paint comes out different than others and I really wish they made black and silver versions of this paint. I find it works best on cotton nibs rather than mohair nibs because the flow is nicer with paint this thick. However, you can still use a mohair nib and get very nice tags with drips, you would just have to squeeze harder. You definitely get your money’s worth for 10% IMO. Cheers!

Almost nothing out there beats a nice fresh grease marker. The Junobo Scrawlers are some of the best solid markers I’ve tried so far. Just gotta make sure it’s fresh or you might have to rehydrate it but this is normal when dealing with these types of markers which come with no solid casing. These things can write on virtually ANYTHING. I mean everything, stone, rusted steel, brick, and metal, wood, you name it, I’m sure this thing will work on it. They have a decent selection of colors and with these Scrawlers it’s easy to take them out, split them in half and make custom two-color grease markers. Perfect for freights and other surfaces that you would not normally tag with a marker. The Electric Yellow and BSCI Purple are my shit. Peace!

Review by Stan