The K-60 mop is the bread and butter of Krink. For many writers, it’s the only mop worth buying. KR came a long way from making ink in coke bottles to now owning one of the biggest graffiti companies in the world and the baby that made that happen is definitely the K-60. Apparently it’s still “hand made in NYC” but I don’t know how much of that is true but one thing that can’t be fronted on is the fact that the Krink found in these mops is some of the best hands down. It has a signature feel and signature drips that only he seems to be able to nail perfectly every time with every color. To see it in action check this video

The K-42 by Krink is a little fine point paint marker that really goes a long way. You can expect really good ink and the marker flows well with the tip holding to form as the marker empties out. It’s ideal for sketchbook stuff, customizing and doing long shifts on stickers. Don’t get it twisted, you can still do hands with these markers but it’s not ideal. Krink has way better suited tools for that type of work.

If the K-60 is #1 on the roster, the K-71 is definitely number two on the Krink list. Hell, if you’re not in to mops, or better yet, you make your own mops or prefer a chisel tip, the K-71 might be your number one because when it comes to that style of marker, it’s very hard to beat. The chisel tip is nice and broad and if you’re like me, you will crush it turning it in to a sort of brush which gives you even more surface area. It’s ideal for smooth areas like metal and doors but this marker can still take a beating. Most of the colors are bangers but the chrome will always be their signature winner. To see it in action check this video

The K-70 is kind of like the K-71’s little brother. Not really a chisel tip and also not really made for doing hand styles on doors in the middle of a Canadian winter. These are ideal for working on your hands on paper and putting in work in the blackbook. They offer about seven colors and the alcohol ink in them is very good quality as you would expect from Krink. Very fun to do hands on sticker or any random objects and the best part the ink lasts a good while.

Perhaps Krink’s most versatile marker is the K-32. The ink is permanent, odorless and very opaque. They hold about a dozen punchy colors that will apply relatively uniform on both dark and light surfaces and can go on anything from wood to canvas without a problem. They hold a nice classic sized chisel tip and over all, this marker is a lot of fun to use.

If you ever used a Dalo pump marker you would know what a K-90 marker from Krink is all about. If you never owned a Dalo, the concept is simple: the marker holds this very thick tar like paint which you pump with this mini pump on top of the marker. After a few good pumps you can press the steel roll-ball tip on the surface and the thick paint comes out. It takes a few tries to get a hold of it but once you do, it’s actually really fun but it does take time. This is not a fast action marker but your tag will probably run forever once you pull it off. This stuff does not come off, especially good for freights.

The Krink mop is legendary and is one of the major reasons why they got so big. One inch nib, reminiscent of the shoe polish days, this marker is just that but on crack. The drip action is unparalleled

Review by STAN