Might not be the best thing since sliced bread but when it comes to watercolors, it’s pretty darn close. Once again, Molotow got their team of marker nerds to come up with the ultimate water coloring marker and the answer is the Molotow GRAFX aqua ink softliner. Yes, it has everything you would expect from a German made Molotow marker: double patented technology, interchangeable brush tip and a wide selection of vibrant food-safe wate-based colors that come out looking very much like water color, minus the hassle.

This also means you can now pass these to your kids without warring about them being exposed to hazardous inks and also without worrying about the mess that can be left behind when using watercolors. Forget the brushes, color pallets and glasses of water. Just shake one of these bad boys, remove the cap, pump the soft tip in to the top of the cap until the tip is soaked and you’re ready to do some heavy duty watercolors and colorizing in the fraction of time it normally takes with the traditional method. The first thing you notice when you first strike the blank page with one of these markers, is how smooth, fun and easy it is to manipulate the soft tip of the marker. It really allows you to go all over the place from going from ultra skinny to fat all the way to broad chisel tip in a single stroke. It is so much fun to use, it made me want to just keep doodling aimlessly for long periods of time, the way the ink comes out of that tip is beautiful and soothing.

The colors come out semi opaque allowing very easy blending and smooth transitions. However, you can just give it a few pumps and the line can come out looking pretty solid. Be careful, do not over pump as it will leave a little puddle of ink in the cap which can end up spilling all over the place if you’re not careful, like in my case. It comes in 12 colors which can then be diluted with the Molotow Grafx Blender for accurate transitioning when coloring. This marker is definitely a game changer and also just a pleasure to use. Whether you’re a novice or someone who’s really serious about their craft, pretty much everyone can not only use these with ease and fun but also produce some stunning results.

Review by STAN