Check out our newest product review on the truly unique Molotow Grafx Aqua Ink Pump Softliner

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Artwork by OFUSK

“Eyo were coming at ya with another product review, this week on the molotow grafx aqua ink pump softliner. It’s unlike any other marker on the market due to its combination of the water-based special ink and soft edge brush tip.

Due to its soft edge brush tip, it can be used as fine and wide nib all in one. Use the marker upright so that only the tip touches the paper for fine lines, and use it on an angle so that the entire nib is on the surface of the paper for a wider stroke, similar to a chisel tip

Once the nibs have been filled, the colours come out very dark, and after use without re pumping the nib the colour becomes lighter and lighter.

Another great aspect of these is that for the time being they one of the only watercolor markers that is refillable and have interchangeable nibs.

Well that’s our review of molotow grafx aqua ink pump softliners, let us know what you think of these markers, what you thought of the review and what you would like to see reviewed next.”