It’s really crazy how far marker technology has gone in the last few years. I mean, it was not so long ago; we only had a couple of brands who offered a few items in a select number of colors available at a handful of stores. Look at where the game is now, the possibilities seem to be endless. Though they might not reinvent the wheel any time soon, they sure have added some sweet innovative gadgets in modern cars and this is exactly what Molotow has been doing over and over again in the marker/spray-paint world. This time they hit us with the GRAFX line which brought water coloring and sketching to a whole new level. Things that have seemed to be impossible, or very tricky and difficult to do are now found comfortably sitting in your hand in a form of a marker which was designed from the ground up to give you the best experience.

The GRAFX Art Masking Liquid pen is a must have for anybody who loves blending colors and colorizing specifically with watercolors, and come in two sizes; 2mm and 4mm. The concept is quite easy and it works very well. Simply apply the masking liquid on the section which you don’t want the blending or coloring to go over. Then you can go about blending your colors and filling in spaces without having to worry about the colors bleeding out in to undesired areas. Once its dry, you can go ahead and use your fingers or an eraser to simply rub it off and the section will remain perfectly untouched. It works like magic and I can’t believe how and fast I got the hang of it when I first tried it out. It’s almost addictive because it’s something many of us wished for and now it does and I can’t get enough Like most Molotow markers, the Masking Liquid Marker has an exchangeable tips and is also refillable. The masking liquid refill bottle comes handy and is very easy to use when re filling the marker. Simply twist off the lid, insert the nozzle in the marker and squeeze. Mess free and easy. Molotow always thinks of these details, this is why they are ahead of the game.

Another beautiful addition to the quiver is the Grafx Blender softliner which comes with very fun to use 1mm brush tip. Again, the concept is easy and is very straight forward. Once you have applied your water colors or any alcohol-based ink, you can come in with the blender softliner and tone down the color or help it blend in with another color seamlessly. This allows you to create your own shade of any color you want which is key when you want to make smooth transitions. The refill is also available in the same format as the masking liquid and I would say both are a no brainer for anyone who’s already using the Molotow Aqua Ink markers or any watercolor and alcohol inks for coloring.

Review by STAN