These are awesome! There are a lot of twin markers out there and a lot of the packs are really shitty. You get dried out markers, one side not working, the caps not closing and the ink not lasting. It’s always a gamble buying these and I mean, yeah you can go to dollarama and buy a twelve pack of garbage markers that won’t last a full sketch. You might as well fill in with highlighters. They can be cheap and shitty same as they can be expensive and shitty because I’ve bought higher end packs where a quarter of them came dried out. I have not tried most of the brands out there but I have used the Molotow ones and some Japanese ones like the ShinHan Touch Twin Marker (which are top notch), I’d say the Potentate joints are right on the money.

Artist: STACK

The marker itself is basic in terms of ergonomics and branding. The body is very similar to Kurecolor Twin S markers. However, they delivers really nice colors that blend well and so far, I have not got too many dried ones in my pack but it does happen specially over time. There are ways to save the marker but it just seems to be an issue with these types of alcohol based twin markers. There is also a way to store them to ensure a longer longevity like storing them in a cool dry place while having them in some sort of air tight container. Believe me, you don’t want to spend $200+ on a big set of twin markers and put them somewhere near a heat source then have them all evaporate in less than a year. They come in nice solid boxes and I like the way they have the color number on top, makes things easy to note down when doing layerd, complicated work.

Obviously they are a killer tool for the blackbook but the quality and number of colors/shades they have is solid enough to have professionals use this for animation design, interior design, and fashion concepts. Both nibs are nice and sturdy and so far have been lasting just fine. One thing I did notice is that they don’t automatically blend well with other brands of alcohol based markers. I mean for most writers this is not going to be a huge issue but if you are very meticulous about your work and already have twin markers from other brands, it’s something to consider.

Over all, I’m not blown away but I’m not disappointed. You get what you paid for and as long as they ink is fresh, they deliver really nice sublet colors go a long way for a fair price. To see them in action check out this video

Review by Stan