The 060 OTR paint marker should be the standard of paint makers in the market. Meaning, if it’s not at least as good as the classic 060, it’s not worth getting. You know the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, this applies quite well in this case because this marker has remained the same for a while for a good reason. On The Run got it right the first time and didn’t have to do much to it since. Pump action, classic broad chisel tip and solid colors, that’s the winning combo and OTR locked it down with the 060 paint marker. It Also comes in the mini version which is always convenient.

The mini Soultip empty mop is by far one of my personal all time favorites from OTR. Why? Because it’s super small and hella fun to use and the little nib goes a long way on the streets. You can fill it up with pretty much anything they have from Soultip paint, Hard To Buff ink or your own home brewed concoction. The nib lasts but you still have to be careful with rough surfaces. The best thing about this marker is that it’s tiny and you can have three, four colors in your pocket with no problem.

The OTR.084 Flowpen is the best of both worlds: mop and marker. They called it Flowpen for a reason and it’s because this thing flows like a mofo. You get the advantages of the chisel tip marker nib with the juicy, drippy action of a mop. You can really wild out with this marker and do some major damage with a few light flicks of the wrist. It’s see-through so you can always tell where you at in terms of ink and once it’s done, simply fill it with your favorite kind of ink and you can have this marker going for ages. They come in six different colors and also is available in the mini version.

The On The Run Slime is like no other marker I’ve ever tried. It’s not a mop nut it feels like a mop. It’s not steel tip even though the nose is shaped like one. The Slimer is basically what seems to be really thick latex, bucket style paint in a tiny ketchup bottle. It’s kind of hard to use at first and if you’re not careful you can break the tip or let it dry out. The trick is to go nice and slow and gradually squeeze the slimy paint out of the nozzle one letter at a time. The tags come out hella thick and are hard to buff once dried. Even after the buff, you can still see them because they are pretty much in 3D.

One of On The Run’s most legendary markers is definitely the Hard To Buff 070 marker. The body is just like most other OTR markers with a pump action broad 0.6" nib. It’s the Hard To Buff ink that it holds which makes it infamous. The name says it all, the stuff is hard to buff and it’s not just a claim. When you hit a porous materiel like plastic, it stains the shit out of it for many generations to come. Even when painted over, the ink bleeds through. This bad boy is also available in the mini version as well.

The OTR Street Polisher is something that you pull out on special occasions like a weekend car or a nice aged wine. It’s not your every day marker to carry around because it’s quite big but boy is it a joy to use once you did decide to bring it out for a ride. It’s like a shoepolish on steroids. Everything about it has been upgraded, the body, the nib and obviously the ink also. The alcohol based ink does have a tendency to swell up, especially on things like metal door so you have to consider that when pulling off your hand style. The nib will eventually go to shit but it’s ok because they are easy to replace.

Your marker is only as good as the ink in it so make sure the ink you use is top notch like the OTR Soultip Paint. What is good paint? It’s permanent, opaque, weatherproof, thick and not hella expensive. All these qualities can be found in the Soultip paint. Writes on pretty much anything and can be used in pretty much anything. Mops, markers, paintbrush, you name it, this ink will do the job.

Review by Stan