Yo, I write PSHIT, based in Oise, not very far from Paris and I’ve been painting since I was 16, 10 years ago. There are really quite a few writer’s style that I like, RIME (MSK) with his freestyle graff style that goes in all directions, I also really like BRAY and CHURE’s style. But there is one who is for me one of the best graffiti artists, it’s DOES (LoveLetters). It’s really the one that inspires me the most, there’s so much to say about his work! My style reflects those that inspire me haha. I almost never prepare anything before a session, I always take all the spray that I have in stock and  hit the spot according to my mood or my inspiration. I love to put a lot of colours without knowing how it will all fit. I really like letters that give the impression of being unfinished and a good big fatcap strokes to add some movement to the letters

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