Hi Everyone, I’m Pyro. I started writing in Los Angeles in 1982 and I’m one of the original founding members of LA’s West Coast Artists crew (WCA). I also push The Seventh Letter, All Caps Collective (Budapest) and Aloha State Kings (Hawaii).  I’ve been writing for 38 years and have been influenced by old school NY graff, Los Angeles gang graffiti and tattoo typography and I think you can see those influences in my work. Born and raised in Los Angeles, which is home base, currently in Honolulu, Hawaii. I tattoo to pay the bills and paint for fun. I love graffiti and am blown away by the progression of the art form and this bond that we all share across the planet. There are as many styles as there are people, each one individual and different, each one beautiful in its own way of personal expression, that’s the beauty of graff. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel and write on walls all over the world and meet people with similar drive, but vastly different upbringing. Some artists I’m a big fan of and help influence/push me are Slick, Mr. Cartoon, Risky, Triston Eaton, Smug, Mecro, Saute, Kick, Boogie, Revok…the list can go on and on…To me, it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself, in all aspects of it. From scribes to slaps, tags to throws, pieces to productions…get out there and get up! 

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