Hi! I write Query NLM (also Question, Inquire), and I’ve been using spray paint since 2018. I grew up in North Carolina but have moved around a lot since 2019 and am currently on the west coast. I’ve always been heavily inspired by early Twin Cities and Kansas City styles but lately have been trying to take more influence from things outside of graffiti, particularly my friends and their non-graffiti-related work! Recently I have been painting more trains but my ideal surface is a planned-out wall where I can choose a scheme that interacts with the environment/surroundings. Overall I strive to be constantly improving because the learning aspect of graffiti and letters is what I find most interesting. I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of great writers and great people in a short amount of time who have helped me get to where I want to be in life and in painting (you know who you are).

Shoutout to everyone in NLM for constantly pushing and supporting me, MEZAK and SPARO for getting me into this, and JRUEL for motivating me the most outside of graffiti. FREE TIDUE.

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