What’s up I write Raise one PYQ DR, I’m from Reno Nevada been writing for 15 years, first started out as just a bomber but moved on to painting pieces, developed style from my crew over the years people like Fakes one, Saeme, 3ayem (rest in peace) along with a few others, had alot of good friends push me to get where I’m at.

I have alot of influences Paser and Timber from MFK, Ankor KOG Roar LORDS, Phosl Daks HERO crew, Some Reno locals like Grief and Check one, but mainly my friends Scawt, Yober, Rokoe, Joey, Paste, Tone, Oker, the list goes on and on.

My style varies, from some traditional funk, big bold straight letters, character pieces to sharp pointy almost death metal type letters, it all depends on what I feel like painting that day, or night but one thing for sure is I always try to push myself to execute whatever style I’m painting to make it as clean as I possibly can, and to produce as many pieces as possible.

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