Yo yo! Thanks for the love! The name is Ramone! Well, it’s Ram One. I tend to switch it up based on the amount of letters I want to do. I’ve been rocking Rams for a lil. Rocking a letter S has been fun. But whatever…..I’m from Newark Nj ….brick city shit. Feeeeel me? I have been writing on people’s shit since I was a June bug. I started taking things seriously in 2011. I enjoy an occasional walk through the city streets and visiting my favorite objects to paint …….Trains! Other than that, I have always been a fan first whether you’re risking your life on the sides of building or your painting a roll-down gate. It’s all pretty gnarly to me. That shit takes time and you’re risking your freedom for yourself… that’s why I Even like shitty tags. That shit is Punk rock and hip hop all together. Hahaha. I started off drawing shitty characters in the streets. Then I started exploring letters. I’m still developing my style. I don’t think I’m doing anything special. I just know I’m doing it for no bawdy but myself. I’m at a point where I’m starting to have fun with my pieces. I’m exploring different shapes, gradients, and the occasional doodad. My “style” (if we can call it that) is based off of a simple straight letter but I started adding and stacking things on top of my letters. Kinda like a moving truck that’s getting ready to head out. Just keep throwing shit in it. If it fits. If it doesn’t fit. Make it fit. (That’s what she said). All in all. I love writing. I love seeing it. And I live learning from it. It’s fun pushing myself to new limits mentally mostly. Hahaha, I’m not much of a climber. A lot of inspiration comes from Droe, mad hatter, Lean, and brew they are all Newark writers. As far as bombers Harm8 sets the tone, AYN crew reap AJae mk ultra goomba tank bets and the rest of those scumbags, MFH crew and distort …. name anyone better. I dare ya.

All those guys smack shut up. And it’s fun to see the damage they cause.

Big up to all the homies and scum bags. Stay safe and stay low key.

Big thanks to bombing science. My crew. Today’s mathematics.

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