I’m Rate NLS, ZNC,a Bulgarian graffiti writer since 2003. The last 5 years i’m based in Cyprus, where with a crewmate Edmon NLS and I are running a studio and graffiti shop and pushing the culture of the locals to the limits with a graffiti festival and many activities. I started building my style back in the days, passing thru wild style, 3D and always paying special attention to the beauty of the letters at first. The 3D style is my passion, but i have always been refreshing my lettering flow with some semi wild 2D pieces and night time actions. Thru the years i had the chance to paint with some great artists, as the younger guy i was always listening to them and respected their critics and adivces, cuz the respect i think, is one of the most important matters on the worldwide graffiti scene nowadays. Peace to all of you and hope to meet you at some international event, so i can show my style the proper way, but not thru social media only!

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