I write REAK

I’m from Providence RI. 


I started writing back in the mid 90s…took a bit of a break in the early 2000s and have tried to keep the ball rolling since then.

Some of my earliest influences have to be WIZART. UW.  And all of UW crew really, ASED, SEAZ, RAEZ, STEM, ABOVE(EMYT), UPS crew. Mostly what I saw around me.

Today I draw a lot of influence and have a lot of good chemistry with my crew mates.  OUTCASTS CREW.

I’ve really been into looking at stuff from GFR crew. Always on point.

 SM CREW has been rocking some really great walls….. Always DF crew..  GRAPE 4D.   there are so many…AREK DAVER ETC. I can’t list everyone….

And I guess, still till this day…what I see around me..

..SLOE..DEON..NITE..OHMY…ABOVE. TF CREW.  Big ups to LOBS and GDC doing their thing for sure.  REO from HI CREW…GRAVY.  

Man there are so many….

…Huge respect to everyone that I left out.

I like to paint a simpler style. I try to stick to true letter form with a little funk, I guess . Don’t really know what else to say.

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