Originally from Jacksonville Florida, I started writing in 1993 in Frankfurt, Germany when we were stationed overseas. The culture there was rich with accessible graff art that inspired me to hit the streets as a youngster and figure out how to get creative with a spray can, getting in and out of trouble for putting my name up as many places as possible. I moved to the Washington DC area in 1997, and started focusing more on developing a style, hitting freights, and falling in love with the railroad culture…ultimately starting a freight inspired clothing line: JunctionXXI. I’ve travelled around a decent amount over the past 20 years, but have mostly been based there since.

I feel like my style has always been a constant evolution, never really hovering or settling on one style for too long. I like to play with new themes, ways to bend letters, color schemes, etc. – all while still having a certain flow or base style that has stayed relatively consistent over the years.

The crews and partners I’ve painted with over the years certainly play a role in the influence of my style as well. There’s too many too name but some of the 90s-era DC/VA/MD homies that come to mind to name just a few: Exist, Forse, Aero, Con, Jase, Cycle, Arek, Sime, SEK, Envy, Brakes, Freak, Cense, Dick, Daver, Hear, Aest, Elk, Scan53, Metal, Some, Dei… been many others of course, but these are just a few from my earlier days in DC.

Shout out to everyone from above, plus all the other folks I’ve got to smash with along the way…looking forward to big things ahead. RIP Vandel, Geeks, Esko, Curly Mo-P.

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