I go by the name Relm1. The crews I rep are ESAY (SA)-BLT-TFL(LORDS)-594-Control and HRT. I’m From Lynn, Massachusetts but currently down in the Sunny Carolinas. I started writing in the Late 80’s and still active. I used to be busy with Freights in the 90’s. Shoutout to writers like ICH and Spek who took the freight game next level and my dude Fowl TFL killing the Freight game. Speaking of Style, I always say that the Lynn Style is the North Shore Liquid swords style. It’s Sharp, Aggressive and ready for Mayhem. A lot of people think I originated that style but really Temp, Hate, Brett and Seaze (as well as others) of Control Crew are the main ones who brought that style in the mid 80’s and my generation of writers grew up inspired by them Stylewise. Nowadays there’s so many names I can mention rocking crazy styles but just to mention a few who catch my eye these days…Griffin TFL- Bacon 3A- Baker SUK – Does – Jeks TFL – SPONE – There’s no way to make a complete list here but here’s a few heads that in my estimation are at the top of the graffiti food chain Stylewise. I’d like to shout out my BGT fam..all my Writing crew fam and big ups to Eddie Knucklz, The Ikhwaa, The mashed potatoes and the Pretzels The Mandy Chicken and the Garlic Sauce brothers at the Habibi Grill and I’m OUT!!

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