Relms DTM FYS from Leicester –  England. I’ve been a writer since 07 with various names along the way, those years were mainly about bombing for me then I started to focus on crafting my style in 2014, and since then, have been pushing my letters.

I like both sharp or bubble styles, I favour proportion and the mix of straight to round lines. I like my pieces to have movement, to look like a kung fu fight, low, grounded and ready to attack – Or the complete opposite, bubbly and rounded with more pop and colourful appeal.

Im all about bombing and street dubs, clear and legible fat caps or clean skinny scrawls, a glass scratcher is my go to tool. But you can’t beat a simple chrome and black or monochrome dub.

My influencers through the years change regularly, as of now they include KOST – PEAL – GREN – VOYDER  – ZINER – DOES – 1UP – HOMBRE – RIME – VIBES – BOOGIE – MONO… and that’s just to name a few… 

I’d like to give a shoutout for the constant support from Leicesters local paint hub, GRAFF HQ. Forever changing the scene for the better. Also a Shout out to the local gang… HURL – RUDE – SIGNE – DSET – CLIPA – ZER – DEYS – RUST 

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